Brick, block and stone fences

All masonry fences have things in common, but differences too. One way in which they are all similar is their strength and durability. Another similarity is that they can all be used as low bases for timber or metal fences, or retaining walls. They can also be structured as a line of pillars, with timber or metal panels of tubular, lattice or slats in between. This style can give you a classic heritage look, for example when you use tubular metal with ornate caps in between stone pillars. It can even be used to create wildly imaginative and distinctive modern looks. Or if you use solid timber panels in between the pillars, you can create a privacy retreat without the imposing look of solid masonry. Below you can read about the various types of masonry fences and what to consider before you order a fence. See also our ABOUT MASONRY page for more details about the materials.

Brick Fences

Brick fences can be simple bricklaying to the height you require. They can be left in the natural colour the bricks come in, usually creamy white, reddish or golden brown, pale or quite dark. Or they can be painted. You can render over the bricks, or apply a feature veneer of decorative stone. Because most bricks are solid viewed from outside, the breezy look is difficult with a solid brick wall. However the bricklayer can plan a pattern of gaps in the bricks that looks neat and does provide a semi-open feel. Curved brick caps and corners can be used to finish off a brick fence nicely. Bricks, being less uniform than blocks, provide a more organic feel than the sharply machined lines of concrete blocks.

Block Fences

Concrete block fences are a very strong and durable option. They have the advantage that you can easily build a semi-open fence allowing air and light through. This is achieved by using 'breeze blocks', the ones that are moulded with a geometric pattern of holes. Or by using solid blocks you can have a privacy and sound-proofing wall that lasts a lifetime. Blocks, being moulded and uniform, have cleaner lines than bricks and stones. They usually come in medium grey shades, and are amenable to painting or decorative veneering.

Stone Fences

Stone masonry units are fully natural materials and are sometimes also called blocks! Because they are cut straight from natural rock, they have the strength, durability and variability of their rock of origin. Man-made stone fences are still standing after thousands of years. The stones can be any type of rock, any shape, size, texture and colour. This includes stones that have been cut into uniform rectangles like bricks or blocks, or left in their original shape. In both cases you can obtain them as dressed stone, which has a polished flat surface, or the original uneven or grainy surface. Crazy stone is one result of using original shaped stones and fitting them together. A crazy stone fence can use dressed stones for a flat mosaic look, or stones that have been left uneven and bumpy for the totally natural look.