Interior masonry

When people think of 'bricklaying' it's often easy to overlook the creative, attractive interior uses for masonry. How about some of these ideas:

Feature walls and dividing walls

Brick and stone feature walls are coming back into fashion in a big way. Today we have a great deal more choices of materials and designs than only a few decades ago. The veneers of natural stone, shaped to provide different themes, are examples. They are lighter in weight and less expensive than full stone blocks too. Dividing walls can be built inside that match the existing walls. That means they can be painted, gyprocked or given a timber panel overlay. Or they can be made as feature walls with any number of nice surfaces.

Chimneys and fireplaces

Like masonry feature walls, these 'around the hearth fire' options are coming back into vogue. The solid brick, block or stone fireplaces look great. They can add value to your home. With minimal care and an easy maintenance schedule, they last a long time. However as they are heavy, they do need a good solid footing. Where the fireplace chimney exits the roof, it needs to be fitted with a waterproof cap.

Steps & staircases

Masonry staircases and steps are solid and dependable. They take a lot of weight, and look great. A staircase of natural stone blocks can also be integrated with indoor water features. You can get as creative as you like!

Bars and serveries

If you entertain a lot, you might enjoy installing a masonry bar or servery between your kitchen and dining room. They not only serve the purpose for which you use them. They are also attractive features of your interior spaces.

Indoor ponds

A fabulous use for masonry indoors is for ornamental indoor ponds, with fish or just for plants and waterfalls. Glass bricks, dressed or natural stone looks impressive and complements the water and natural elements like plants and fish. Indoor ponds can range from little hand basin-sized ponds to large, curving pools surrounded by rocks and plants, that take up most of a sunroom. Therefore whether your building is big or small, you can add this relaxing, aesthetic feature.

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