Rural masonry

Rural walls, buildings and other infrastructure often have special requirements. They may be exposed to adverse levels of moisture, organic material and heat or fire risk. Animals may put pressure on them, or need to be protected by them. Heavy machinery can bump into them. You may wish to reduce noise being transmitted to neighbouring properties. Reinforced masonry walls and buildings could be a good solution to your needs. There can also be a lot of heavy traffic over horizontal ground surfaces like paths and driveways. These factors need to be taken into account when deciding what materials you'll want.


Rural fences are often of the post and rail or post and wire type, to keep in large livestock. They are also easy to instal. However they might not suit all your needs, particularly if privacy or security are factors. Also some animals have no problem getting out through wires and rails. Solid masonry could be your answer. In this case the boundary fence could be brick, block or stone. It also looks very attractive, especially around the farmhouse yard. Ask us about any combination of fence types for your land. We also have a fencing team who can do metal and timber rural fencing.

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